Peer-To-Peer (Money) Petty

PayPal-owned peer-to-peer money transfer app Venmo is a hit among millennials because of its social feed.  While Venmo users are launching the app to complete transactions a couple of times a week, they’re spending most of their time checking out what their friends are doing. Who charged who and for what? It’s a good way to get all up in people’s business. Although the app is a quick and efficient way to reimburse your friends, it turns out that the app may be turning your peers into petty people.


A recent QZ article documented how ‘p2p petty’ may be the trend. The article suggests that “invoicing” friends after sharing an experience (i.e., a night in with Netflix and wine, sharing cab rides, meeting up for drinks, etc.) is fast becoming commonplace.  To avoid any awkward situations with friends, a select few are avoiding downloading the app and opting to deal in traditional cash money instead.

Which camp do you fall in? Tell us your petty story with Venmo or other peer-to-peer money transfer services!

Google Introduces “Spaces”

The late singer Aaliyah said, “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” And after the lukewarm reception of Google+, Google is doing just that when it comes to being “social.”

The company just announced Spaces, a new app that the company says will bring “people together instantly to share around any topic.” Since the app will be linked to other Google products like Search, YouTube, and Chrome, it’ll be easy to find and share content (i.e., articles, videos, and images) all within the app. The word on the street is that the app is pretty user-friendly, only requiring a single tap to launch a new space for your group chat.

shares pic

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and general group sharing apps are ramping up worldwide. Fun Fact: In 2015, about 75 percent of Internet users worldwide accessed messaging services on mobile devices.

We’re all looking for ways to stay connected and keep up with each other. So, now seems like a good time for Google to get into the social game with a new product. You can get the Spaces app today (available on Android, iOS, desktop, and mobile web for Gmail accounts).

What do you think? Will you be trading in Messenger or WhatsApp for Spaces?